The Sorentberg is unique with its total area of 9.48 hectares. There is not a single vineyard on the entire Moselle with the so-called “Wissenbach slate” (red slate soil with shell inclusions). “The Wissenbach slates (…) originate from the Middle Devonian region. They are the only rocks of the Middle Devonian that occur in Moselle vineyards (…) Of the initially assumed Laubach layers, there are over 140 ha in vineyards on the Moselle. Wissenbach-Schiefer in vineyards are so far only known from the Sorentberg, so there are only about 9 ha (…) Mfg Dr. Ernst-Dieter Spies, head of department, Landesamt für Geologie, Mainz”.

Its terroir is a combination of many factors that form a remarkable whole:

  • 100 percent southern slope
  • extreme gradient with an average gradient of 80 to 110 percent
  • cool climate, because the mountain lies in a well ventilated side valley at the Mosel river
  • unique soil type, the so-called Wissenbach slate (red slate with shell inclusions), which is unique on the whole Moselle