As far as the further development of the wines is concerned, the two young winegrowers have clear ideas. They do not follow short-lived fashions. They want to proceed according to traditional methods.

Rather, they are relying on the classic winemaking virtues, such as respect for the terroir, priority given to vineyard work, rigorous hand-picking in several harvest stages, gentle treatment of the grapes, spontaneous fermentation in traditional wooden barrels and the renunciation of wine treatment agents.
“Tradition obliges”, says Treis, “we want wines that tell of their origin. We are convinced that the personality of Sorent will be expressed more strongly in this way. In addition to the up to 100-year-old 1,000-litre woodburners of his great-grandfather Julius, new untoasted Moselle woodburners from Palatinate oak are also used.

They do without mass production methods such as temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and cooled fermentation with pure yeasts.