With the replanting of the traditional Reiler Sorentberg vineyard in a side valley on the Middle Moselle at the height of Arras Castle, the two young winegrowers Tobias Treis (Reil/Mosel/Germany) and Ivan Giovanett (Neumarkt/South Tyrol/Italy) fulfilled a long-awaited dream of growing their own top Riesling in 2011. The single vineyard, forgotten for decades, was revived by the two committed young winegrowers.

Tobias Treis and Ivan Giovanett know each other from their time in Geisenheim, where they spent the academic years 2003/2004 together. Today both are active in their parents’ traditional wineries Julius Treis (Reil/Mosel) and Castelfeder (South Tyrol) and share a passion: Riesling. “With cross-border know-how, we have succeeded in breaking new ground and creating an unmistakable top Riesling from the Moselle region,” says Treis.

“During my student years in Geisenheim, my passion for Riesling grabbed me and never let go,” says Giovanett. “It was clear to me that I wanted to work with Riesling at some point, but producing the king of white wines at the highest level was not possible in my South Tyrolean locations due to the warmer climatic conditions.